Welcome to my aviation image gallery. This gallery contains images taken during various visits to air shows, aviation events and visits to the fence at numerous airfields.

I live in the county of Suffolk in the UK and am fortunate to live within daily reach of quite a few military airfields, although even these are considerably less than what used to be here during the cold war. Wattisham, just a few miles outside of Stowmarket is my nearest, followed by the USAF bases at Mildenhall and Lakenheath at less than a hours drive away. Moving outside the county, but still within a few hours drive is the RAF fast jet bases at Marham and Coningsby. Very few of the photographs shown here will have been taken at the well known and large scale airshows that most are familiar with, as I dislike the manner in which they generally treat the aviation enthusiast and photographer nowadays. I find it much more rewarding to spend a day at the fence of a airfield on a normal, operational day.

A little information about the camera equipment used. I started my digital career with a Canon Eos 350D in late 2005, initally using my old 75-300mm USM carried over from my film camera. As of 2019 I use a Canon Eos 7D Mk2 as my primary camera body, with the early Mk1 as my back up body. Lenses currently include the Canon 100-400L Mk1 zoom, 300mm fixed prime, 28-135mm zoom and a wide angle. Whilst this isn't exactly the latest or most expensive equipment, it is adequate for my needs.

Although probably obvious to most visitors, a few words about aviation photography at military airfields might just be in order to avoid any misunderstandings, especially with the apparent gradual change in attitude towards general public photography in a increasingly restrictive and paranoid UK. All photographs have been taken from outside MoD property, or during public airshows and private visits when permission to photograph has been approved. There is nothing sensitive shown or written that is not already publicly sourced that I am aware of.

Any questions concerning aviation photography, the locations shown or just general enquries then please contact me via the 'contact' button on the menu or at the bottom of the page. I will always try and help somebody where possible. If starting out in aviation photography, two of the forums listed (UK Airshow Review and Fighter Control) in the 'links' menu on the lefthand side of the screen are quite helpful, as both contain dedicated photography subforums where help and advice can be sought and is freely given.

Gary Stedman

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