• Wattisham airfield

    366 photos in 8 sub-albums

    Wattisham is my local airfield, being located just a few miles from Stowmarket. The airfield has a long and distingushed history, having been built and completed just in time for war in 1939 and initally operating as a light bomber base with RAF Blenheims. The very first RAF raid on Germany was mounted from Wattisham. The USAAF 8th Air Force operated the 479th Fighter Group from Wattisham later in the war, and the airfield became a RAF fighter station post war, remaining as such until the Phantoms were withdrawn in 1992.

  • Apache AH1 detail images

    77 photos

    A collection of images showing close up details of the Army Air Corps Apache AH1. This folder is intended to be of assistance to modellers looking for information specific to the UK variant of the AH-64 Apache. 

  • RAF Mildenhall

    563 photos in 11 sub-albums

    This album will contain all pictures taken at RAF Mildenhall, divided into subfolders by years. From it's heyday during the Cold War, Mildenhall has become quiet in recent years with most US transit traffic bypassing the airfield. Resident flying units are the 100th Air Refuelling Wing with a single squadron of KC-135R/T's and the 352nd Special Operations Group with Hercules MC-130H/P models.

  • RAF Lakenheath (!)

    381 photos in 10 sub-albums

    This album contains yearly subfolders of all images taken at RAF Lakenheath. The majority of images will be F-15C/D/E Eagles from the three squadrons assigned to the 48th Fighter Wing. A few visitors will also be included.

  • RAF Coningsby

    780 photos in 17 sub-albums

    By far my favourite airfield to visit with the camera. The attractions are obvious, it's usually quite busy, viewing is excelllent all round and a relaxed attitude is generally shown towards visitors to the fence. As well as the based Typhoon and Tornado squadrons it usually throws up a mixture of visiting types and circuit traffic.

  • RAF Cottesmore

    36 photos in 2 sub-albums

    RAF Cottesmore was for many years the home of all frontline Harrier GR7/9 aircraft, being flown by both the RAF and Fleet Air Arm under Joint Force Harrier. Having been rundown under the previous government, it was still quite a shock when the complete fleet was stupidly axed by the new government in the 2010 SDSR with RAF Cottesmore also closing. A more friendly and open airfield for photographers and enthusiasts would be hard to find.

  • RAF Marham

    51 photos in 3 sub-albums

    Not one of the better airfields to visit from the outside. It has a reputation for being extremely quiet and is not very friendly towards photographers either. This requires photography to be conducted from some distance.

  • RNAS Yeovilton

    40 photos in 2 sub-albums

    Images taken during two visits airside at RNAS Yeovilton. Unfortunately I always seem to bring a weather jinx with me whenever I head to the South West!

  • Rougham shows

    66 photos in 5 sub-albums

    Events at Rougham airfield in recent years. The shows here have grown from a small event with only local performers to a annual show with some of the best acts on the UK airshow circuit.

  • Duxford shows and visits

    141 photos in 9 sub-albums

    Each album contains photo's from one of Duxfords many airshows. Duxford host several shows wach year, and also various special events. From inside the airfield boundary, it is not an easy venue to photograph at, as it faces the sun until very late in the day, which limits the number of decent pictures that can be obtained.

  • Colchester military events

    35 photos in 2 sub-albums

    This folder contains images from several of the earlier Colchester Military events and a new folder from the 2013 Colchester Garrison show of 2013

  • Norwegians to North Weald

    16 photos

    North Weald operated as a frontline RAF fighter station until the the mid 1950's. During 1942-44 two Norwegian manned Spitfire Squadrons, 331 and 332 Squadrons were based at North Weald, being funded by the exiled Norwegian government. North Weald nowadays operates as a private airfield. The modern day RNoAF regulary visits North Weald and on a Friday in September, 2012 the RNoAF arrived in blue skies for a weekend of events and commemoration, bringing both veterans and RNoAF senior brass.

  • Frisian Flag and Wittmund

    32 photos

    This selection of images was taken during a three day trip to the large multi-national exercise Frisian Flag hosted at Leeuwarden in the Netherlands followed by a visit to the last German F-4 base at Wittmund.

  • RAF Watton gliding

    24 photos

    A small selection of images taken over several years at RAF Watton. Mostly of the only permanent RAF unit stationed there, the Viking gliders of 611 Volunteer Gliding Squadron, but also the occasional visitor.

  • Scenery pictures

    23 photos

    A small selection of my images besides aviation. I try and mix low light and sunsets with something manmade and distinctive.

  • Elmsett Open days

    10 photos

    Elmsett is a small, grass general avaition airfield a few miles South of Wattisham. The airfield has held a couple of small open days although unfortunately in recent years the cost has meant the event has not been viable.

  • Onboard USS George H W Bush

    20 photos

    On May 28th, 2012 I was presented with the opportunity to cross off something that has been on my 'must do' list for many years; go onboard and photograph the air wing of a modern USN carrier. The George H W Bush, the latest - and last - Nimitz class CVN called at Stokes Bay, just outside Portsmouth for it's very first Liberty port visit following Exercise Saxon Warrior. CVW-8 was the airwing embarked.

  • HMS Dauntless

    10 photos

    The second of the Type 45 Destroyers for the Royal Navy, HMS Dauntless, visited Great Yarmouth for a weekend in February, 2013. The ship was briefly open for public viewing.

  • Exercise Indra Dhanush 07

    10 photos

    For ten days in July 2007, RAF Waddington hosted the Indian Air Force for what was clearly the highlight of the aviation year in the UK. Six Su-30MKI/MK's were deployed for an air combat exercise hosted by 25 Sqn, RAF who deployed their Tornado F-3's from Leeming to RAF Waddington for the duration fo the exercise.

  • Aviation odds & ends

    42 photos

    A mixture of images from various locations that don't warrant their own album.

  • Published images

    19 photos

    Pictures that have appeared in various publications or have been acquired commercially. I don't actively promote my pictures, but will consider requests for their use. Although aviation photography is a hobby, and I'm not attempting to profit from it, if a commerical organisation wishes to use a image, I would expect a reasonable and fair fee.


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